Why do we give gifts?

Why we are giving gifts

Act of giving gift

As you know gift giving traditions is very old and probably one of the oldest human traditions that goes back to the beginning of our civilization.

Since centuries the gifts were given to the Gods, rulers of the nations, in ancient Egypt to pharaohs than in Roman times tradition of giving gifts was a very common practice. It was a gesture of kindness, recognition and respect.

Today gift giving is still part of our everyday life and is spread across all nations around the world. We are giving the gifts to family members, friends, co-workers, teachers and even neighbours to show them our love and affection.

Gift for youPsychologists and anthropologist’s studies on human behaviour and social relations show that giving gifts is a complex and important part of human interaction. By giving gifts we are sending a message that we are thinking and care about that person and we want to build a good relationship.

Also the person who receive gift feels nice because it’s not about the monetary value of the gift but rather about emotional aspect and the fact that you put thoughts into it and your heart and good will.

The act of your selflessness put the smile on your face and the others, it will warm our hearts and create closer bond.








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